Survey - Sanctuary Point District Library.

Invitation to Participate in External Stakeholder Group
In January 2020 Council resolved to proceed with the design for a new District Library at the corner of Paradise Beach Road and Kerry Street, Sanctuary Point.
Council has now engaged Brewster Hjorth Architects (consultants) to undertake the design and consultation for this project. As part of the concept design development, Council would like to invite you to participate in two workshops as part of an ‘External Stakeholder Group’. You have been invited to participate in the External Stakeholder Group as you are considered a key stakeholder and represent one or more of the following groups: adjacent landowners, community groups, businesses from the Village Centre or broader community.
The External Stakeholder Group workshops will be undertaken by Danny Wiggins who is the Community Engagement facilitator in the consultant team.
The first workshop has been scheduled for Wednesday 2 December from 5.30pm to 7.30pm. This will be held at St Georges Basin Community Hall on Meriton Street. This workshop will provide the consultants valuable insight from the External Stakeholder Group which will inform the development of a concept design for the library.
The second workshop has not yet been determined, however is likely to take place in February once the consultants have prepared a draft concept plan following the initial consultation workshop.
In addition to this meeting with the External Stakeholder Group, Council will also be offering the broader community an opportunity to be involved in similar workshops the week after.
Due to COVID restrictions, registrations for attendance are required. Please advise Jessica on the below contact details if you are able to attend, or who you would like to represent you or your business / organisation.
If you need further information about this matter, please contact Jessica Volkanovski, City Lifestyles on (02) 4429 3152. Please quote Council’s reference 63792E (D20/487263).