A proposal for a shared walking and cycling track between Erowal Bay and Old Erowal Bay
This correspondence is to alert your Community Consultative Body (CCB) to the idea of creating a shared walking and cycling track between the villages of Erowal Bay and Old Erowal Bay, and to ask the CCB to support Councillor Levitt in moving a motion asking Shoalhaven City Council for resources for a scoping study to investigate options and determine feasibility and cost.
The restoration of the Heritage Estates offers an opportunity to consider the creation of a shared walking and cycling track between the villages of Erowal Bay and Old Erowal Bay. This would be an important additional link in the Bay to Basin cycle track that currently provides safe cycling and waling between the villages of Huskisson, Vincentia, Old Erowal Bay and Sanctuary Point.
This new link would permit children from Erowal Bay to safely access the cycle track, opening up the possibility for children to cycle to school in either Vincentia or Sanctuary Point which in turn can help develop healthy habits early in life. Cycling for young children from Erowal Bay is currently not possible as Erowal Bay Road and Naval College Road are both busy with an 80km/hr speed limit. In addition, it would allow friends and families to move easily between the villages without the need for vehicles, and provide further possibilities for community amenities along the track.
The proposal
There are a number of possible alignments that could be considered, each with some merits and drawbacks (see map). There are other practical considerations also, such as public safety, bushland impacts and the cooperation of the NSW Government via the National Parks and Wildlife Service. It is anticipated that all of these elements will be addressed in the preliminary scoping study.

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