May 2022: Bay & Basin Community-Led Strategic Plan (BBCLSP)
The Advisory Group comprising representatives of major community groups has been formed and its terms of reference have been resolved. A search is currently underway to find a suitable independent Chair Person after which meeting with Council to enable the implementation of the plan will proceed.


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Strategy and Assets Committee – Tuesday 14 September 2021 Page 30
Notice of Motion - Community Led Bay & Basin Strategic Plan – Council Endorsement
Clr Patricia White Clr Bob Proudfoot
Attachments: Purpose / Summary
1. Final Bay & Basin Community Led Strategic Plan Sept 2021 (under separate cover)
The following Notice of Motion, of which due notice has been given, is submitted for Council’s consideration.
Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)
That Council
On Tuesday 28 April 2020 (CL20.45, MIN20.286) Council resolved, via a Notice of Motion, to:
As a result of the above Council resolution the Bay & Basin Project Reference Group was established, and the community-led plan has been prepared over the last 12 months. The Project Reference Group (with the support of, and collaboration with, the community arm of the Sanctuary Point Bendigo Bank and a community-led planning practitioner – Locale Consulting) actively designed the plan preparation process, including the consultation strategy associated with the community-led plan.
Project Reference Group
The Project Reference Group was established and facilitated by the Sanctuary Point Bendigo Bank. The Group involved representation from all interested Community Consultative Bodies in the Bay & Basin area. Unfortunately, active interest from the Tomerong Community was not able to be secured in developing the plan but this does not prevent this community participating in its implementation or future reviews.
Plan Development
The robust community-led consultation strategy was able to respond to COVID restrictions and included an initial survey that was predominately qualitative in nature and aimed to understand how the community values the area and what their expectations for the Bay & Basin area are in the future. The initial survey was followed by a second survey which was somewhat more quantitative in nature and expanded on the themes and findings captured from the initial survey. The second survey included a series of theme specific questions that were directly based on the results gathered from the initial consultation process. In this way the content of the Bay & Basin Community-Led Strategic Plan:
The Plan development is consistent with Planning Priority 13 - Protecting and enhancing neighbourhoods in Shoalhaven Local Strategic Planning Statement 2040 which endorses the Bay & Basin Community-Led Strategic Plan and its implementation. Again, these achievements are made by the community and in particular the efforts and engagement of the Project Reference Group that was supported by the Sanctuary Point Bendigo Bank Community Board.
Community Led Strategic Plan Benefits
Endorsing the Bay & Basin Community-Led Strategic Plan will assist Council and the community as the robust plan preparation process has:
It is therefore now timely to endorse the Bay & Basin Community- Led Strategic Plan. It is recommended that staff resources from its Community Connections Team be available to assist and provide Council feedback and resourcing into the implementation of the Community Led Strategic Plan for the Bay & Basin area.
Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)
That Council
RESOLVED (Clr White / Clr Proudfoot) MIN21.632
That Council: