Bherwerre Wetland, Larmer Avenue, Sanctuary Point.
27th August, 2020. Sustainable Tourism Infrastructure Projects
Shoalhaven City Council is pleased to announce funding for seven sustainable tourism projects to improve infrastructure around some of the City’s most popular tourist destinations. Earlier this year, Council successfully obtained grant funding of $5.3 Million under the NSW Government’s Restart NSW Infrastructure Grant.
The $5.3 Million together with $1.63 Million of Council funding and an $80,000 in-kind contribution from the Ulladulla Local Aboriginal Land Council (ULALC) will see the following projects undertaken within the next three years:
Sanctuary Point/Bherwerre Wetland – construction of paths, boardwalks, accessible parking, paths, seating and signage. For an overview of this project please refer to the Bherwerre Wetland Concept Plan D4 published in the Document Library on this Get Involved web page.
Plantation Point – construction of accessible loop pathways linking the beach, playground and amenities to the existing shared pathway. The grant funding will also provide a financial contribution to the new amenities building including a lift and change table, carpark improvements and accessible parking. For further details visit the Upgrades at Plantation Point Reserve, Vincentia Get Involved web page.
Palm Beach/Sanctuary Point – accessible pathways, BBQ’s and picnic shelters and carpark improvements. For an overview of this project please refer to the Palm Beach Concept Plan D2
published in the Document Library on this Get Involved web page.
St Georges Basin/Sanctuary Point – Basin Walk – construction of over 2kms of accessible concrete path, improvements to the Basin Walk track including boardwalks, gravel paths and bridges. For an overview of this project please refer to the Basin Walk Concept Plan D3 published in the Document Library on this Get Involved web page.
Ulladulla Headland and Warden Head Walking Trails – resurfacing of existing tracks, construction of boardwalks and gravel paths, improvements to viewing areas and signage, sculpture by ULALC. For an overview of the project please refer to the Ulladulla – Warden Head and North Head Walking Trails Concept Plans D6, D6-1, D6-2 published in the Document Library on this Get Involved web page.
Murramarang Coastal Walk Extension – upgraded beach access, improvements to existing tracks and wayfinding signage. For an overview of the project please refer to the Murramarang Coastal Walk Extension Plan D7, D7-1, D7-2, D7-3, D7-4, D7-5, D7-6
published in the Document Library on this Get Involved web page.
Hyams Beach – upgrade to the existing amenities, improved pedestrian access, upgrade of BBQ’s picnic shelters and beach access. For an overview of this project, please refer to the Hyams Beach Get Involved Page.
NSW_Govt.PNG_b5305d1c9a8b50bc6821a80f29b697d0These projects are proudly supported by the NSW Government.

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Larmer Avenue Block Sanctuary Point. MAY 30, 2015

This catalogue is composed of bird species seen and heard [H] at Shoalhaven City Council’s Larmer Avenue Block and the immediate environment at Sanctuary Point. Observation surveys have been conducted between May 2014 and May 2015 to create this 2nd Edition of the bird list. Such surveys have created the first full twelve month cycle of observations.
The catalogue is referenced to the BirdLife Australia Working List for Common and Scientific Names, including the ‘Species Number’ in brackets after common name.
In this edition, the bird categorization of BirdLife International into Waterbirds and Landbirds is used for convenience and within each of these groups birds are listed as they are in the Working List. In the instance of the Groups for “Seabirds” and “Migratory” Birds there are no birds in the catalogue, which are exclusive to those categories.
All species listed are rated “Least Concern or LC” in the Working List. However, readers should note this rating conflicts with the status of two species, the Eastern Osprey [
Pandion haliaetus cristatus] and the Square-tailed Kite [Lophoictinia isura] in the Office of Environment & Heritage NSW Threatened Species Listing for the Jervis CMA Region.
Please note every effort has been to ensure the accuracy of this document but if any concerns arise please contact BirdLife Shoalhaven:
Australian Wood Duck [202]
Chenonetta jubata
Black Swan [203]
Cygnus atratus
Chestnut Teal [210]
Anas castanea
Pacific Black Duck [208]
Anas superciliosa
Australian Great Cormorant [96]
Phalacrocorax carbo carboides
Little Black Cormorant [97] Phalacrocorax sulcirostris
Australian Pied Cormorant [99]
Phalacrocorax varius hypoleucos
Australian Little Pied Cormorant [100]
Microcarbo melanoleucos melanoleucos
Australasian Darter [101]
Anhinga novaehollandiae
Australian Pelican [106]
Pelecanus conspicillatus
Australian Silver Gulls [125]
Larus novaehollandiae novaehollandiae
Australasian Little Egret[185]
Egretta garzetta nigripes
Eastern Intermediate Egret[186]
Ardea intermedia intermedia
Eastern Great Egret [187] Ardea alba modesta
White Faced Heron [188] Egretta novaehollandiae
Striated [Mangrove] Heron [193]
Butorides striatus macroryncha
Southern Masked Lapwing [133]
Vanellus miles novaehollandiae

Common Bronzewing [u34]
Phaps chalcoptera
Peaceful Dove [30]
Geopelia placida
White-Bellied Sea-Eagle [226]
Haliaeetus leucogaster
Whistling Kite [228]
Haliastur sphenurus
Square-tail Kite [230] Lophoictinia isura [V]
Eastern Osprey [241]
Pandion haliaetus cristatus [V]
Rainbow Lorikeet[254] Trichoglossus moluccanus
Yellow-tailed Black-cockatoo [267]
Calyptorhynchus funereus
Sulphur Crested Cockatoo [269] Cacatua galerita
Eastern Galah [273] Eolophus roseicapillus aldiceps
Southern Australian King Parrot [281] Alisterus scapularis scapularis
South-eastern Crimson Rosella[282]
Platycercus elegans elegans
South-eastern Rosella [288]
Platycercus eximius eximus
Australian Fan-tailed Cuckoo [338]
Cacomantis flabelliformis flabelliformis
Horsefield’s Bronze-cuckoo [H][342]
Chalcites basalis
Eastern Koel [347] Eudynamys orientalis
Eastern Dollarbird [318] Eurystomus orientalis pacificus
Southern Azure Kingfisher [319] Ceyx azurea azurea
Sacred Kingfisher [326] Todiramphus sanctus
Southern Laughing Kookaburra [322] Dacelo novaeguineae novaeguineae
S-e White-throated Treecreeper [558]
Cormobates leucophaea leucophaeus
Superb Fairy-wren [529]
Malurus cyaneus
Variegated Fairy-wren [536] Malurus lamberti
S-e White-browed Scrubwren[488] Sericornis frontalis
S-e Striated Thornbill[470]
Acanthiza lineata lineata
East Coast Yellow Thornbill [471]
Acanthiza nana nana
S-e Brown Thornbill[475]
Acanthiza pusilla pusilla
Coastal Spotted Pardalote[565]
Pardalotus punctatus punctatus
South-east Eastern Spinebill[591]
Acanthorhynchus tenuirostris tenuirostris
S-e Yellow-faced Honeyeater[614] Lichenostomus chrysops chrysops
Australian Scarlet Honeyeater [586] Myzomela sanguinolenta
Lewin’s Honeyeater [605] Meliphaga lewenii
New Holland Honeyeater [631] Phylidonyris novaehollandiae
Eastern Red Wattlebird [628]
Anthochaera carunculata carunculata
Eastern White-cheeked Honeyeater [632]
Phylidonyris niger niger
South-eastern Little Wattlebird [712]
Anthochaera chrysoptera chrysoptera
Eastern Grey Shrike-thrush [408]
Colluricincla harmonica harmonica
South-east Eastern Whipbird [421] Psophodes olivaceus olivaceus
Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike [424] Coracina novaehollandiae melanops
South-eastern Golden Whistler [398] Pachycephala pectoralis youngi
Eastern Olive-backed Oriole [H][671]
Oriolus sagittatus sagittatus
South-eastern Grey Butcherbird [H][702]
Cracticus torquatus torquatus
Australian Magpie [705]
Gymnorhina tibicen
Magpie-lark [415] Grallina cyanoleuca
South-eastern Grey Fantail [361]
Rhipidura fuliginosa alisteri
Southern Willy-Wagtail [364]
Rhipidura leucophrys leucophrys
Eastern Australian Raven [930]
Corvus coronoides coronoides
Eastern Yellow Robin [392]
Eopsaltria australis
Australian Mistletoebird [564]
Dicaeum hirundinaceum hirundinaceum
Silvereye [U574] Zosterops lateralis
Southern Red-browed Finch[662]
Neochmia temporalis temporalis
Common or Indian Mynah Sturnis tristis