I attended the turning of the first sod for the new recycling plant at West Nowra.

That was excellent, interesting and amazing. The West Nowra Recycling and Waste Centre is manned by energetic, enthusiastic and intelligent people proud of and who really care about the positive work they are doing.

And its absolutely great. Brass taken out of cables & sold -  the waste product is plastic and is re used.

Huge pile of mattresses seemingly thrown away non stop - recycled and everything utilised. Metal goes to metal company, they pay money.

A specially built huge processing machine (planned and built by one of the workers - not sure of his title but he was/is amazing) made to recycle previously unusable glass. The glass goes through many processes before coming out as glass sand.

This sand is utilised sometimes added to cement for roads. footpaths etc.

They also make floor tiles out of plastic for sale etc. It seems all of the plastic coming into the centre is recyclable.

Everything that can be utilised is especially for use in the Shoalhaven. Nothing much goes out of the area so no transport energy used.

One of the exceptions is the styrene foam always thought of as not recyclable. Over a football field of styrene is minimised/shrunk and processed to into small balls that are placed into a 1 1/2 or 2 metre cubed bag. These resulting small objects are greatly sought after (in bulk) by other countries who evidently are always contacting the Manager for supply. Difficult to explain why but its something to do with the energy released when they are re composed.

Seems there is never enough.

The West Nowra Centre costs ratepayers nothing. It is fully self operated.

So much info went into my brain on the day and now its hard to recall everything and/or explain it correctly.

I came away from the Recycling Centre with such a positive feeling and want to say to everyone

If you get the chance - go on a tour!

And this is without the new centre that the sod was turned for.

The recycling centre will be complemented by/or complement the new factory so nothing that goes into the red bins will be wasted.

Council aim is to nullify the need for land fill.

Our Shoalhaven Council is totally the best (possibly in Australia) for recycling. 

And their workers are now representatives giving talks at conferences.

And I haven’t said anything about the water that is on site nor the methane gas coming from the waste.

Just go on a tour.