Sustainable Tourism Projects are being funded by the NSW Government, Shoalhaven City Council and the Ulladulla Local Aboriginal Land Council.
Community Engagement:
The community engagement and survey went well. There were over 900 downloads of the concept plans and 20 people took part in the survey. Across the seven projects there was between 80 per cent to 100 per cent support in favour of the proposed works. Information on the projects can be found at:
Residents favoured the construction of the boardwalks and accessible paths and improved facilities across the seven projects. Some concerns were raised regarding the impacts of east coast lows on the proposed infrastructure. Designs and product choices will consider those impacts, as much as possible, given the proximity to the shoreline. Where possible, designs will be adjusted to relocate infrastructure away from the shoreline where possible. A small number of residents around Ray Brooks Reserve expressed concern regarding increasing anti-social behaviour, impacts on visual amenity, tree removal and the path into the water being in the watercraft zone rather than the swim zone. However, there is an existing path to the swim zone. Advice was sought from RMS Maritime who confirmed they support the project and feel it will provide a benefit to boat users and the community. The RMS suggested a joint review of signage in the watercraft zone.
D1 Plantation Point: The connecting path design work is complete. Construction of the path from the existing Round the Bay walk towards the playground is scheduled to commence mid-October 2020 (weather permitting). Construction of the playground is due to commence in October (separate project). The construction of the amenities building is currently out to tender. The design and location of the beach access ramp and connecting path is currently under development. Works will be programmed to consider the Christmas tourist season.
D2 Palm Beach: The detailed design work for the project is complete. Construction is due to commence early October 2020 (weather permitting). Council’s Assets & Work Team will start on the gravel path and work their way back towards the carpark. Project works are expected to be completed by mid-December. Various areas of the Ray Brooks Reserve will be fenced and unavailable for use during construction. However, residents will still be able to access the Reserve and are asked to co-operate with Council staff requests and signage to ensure public safety. A sod turning event is planned for October. Works will be programmed to consider the Christmas tourist season.
D3 Basin Walk – Stage 1: The concrete path along Sanctuary Point Road will form Stage 1 of the D3 project. As the path is over 2kms in length and is impacted by numerous services (NBN, Telstra, Water etc.), the project will take around seven months to complete. Residents will receive written notification around two weeks prior to the work commencing outside of their property. Council asks that residents work with Council staff and are patient during this time. Council will make every effort to minimise any inconvenience to property owners as much as possible. Works will be programmed to consider the Christmas tourist season.
D3 Stage 2: A GPS survey of the proposed gravel paths and boardwalks from Ray Brooks Reserve to The Wool Lane has been undertaken. Design work is currently underway. This project will be tendered out and work will commence in 2021.
D4 Bherwerre Wetland: Council staff, together with a member of the Basin Villages Forum, have walked the proposed tracks and undertaken a GPS survey. Design work will be undertaken in the next two months. This project will be tendered out and work will commence in 2021.
D5 Hyams Beach: Consultation on this project will be undertaken separately.
D6 Ulladulla Headland and Warden Head Walking Trails: Initial onsite scoping has been undertaken on both projects. An onsite meeting was conducted at the Coomee Nulunga Walking Track with Shane Carriage and Leanne Brook. Shane is the CEO of the Ulladulla Local Aboriginal Land Council and both Shane and Leanne are Murramarang people from the Dhurga language group.
A meeting is also planned with Budawang Elder, Noel Butler of the Dhurga language group, to discuss the One Track for All upgrades.
D7 Murramarang Coastal Walk Extension: This project will tie in with the National Parks & Wildlife Service’s (NPWS) project in the Murramarang National Park. NPWS recently presented their Masterplan to Council. Onsite scoping for this project is yet to be undertaken.