NSW Budget shows there is time to consider a new Greenfield hospital for the Shoalhaven.

Attached is PDF of petition. The text of the petition is:
To the Honourable the President and Members of the Legislative Council of New South Wales.
This Petition of certain citizens of NSW
State that the Shoalhaven District Memorial Hospital has no MRI machine, that plans for one are around 2 years away, and that there are plans for spending $434M on a band-aid upgrade of the hospital.
Your petitioners request that the House will:
1. Immediately act to fund a Greenfields site hospital with Sustainable Construction design, fit-for-purpose Nuclear Medicine Dept at the Shoalhaven district Memorial Hospital with specialist staff and expansion of neurology and stroke service, as well as an Acute Mental Health Emergency Dept, Orthopaedic, Cardiac Catheter Lab and CICU for our Cardiologists to Practice preventing Sydney journeys for our local residents as they age. Upgrade ICU/Trauma and Emergency services and associated increase in staff and employment opportunities for our regional town.
2. Reject existing upgrade plans for the Shoalhaven district Memorial Hospital and instead invest $564M in a new Grade 5 Hospital for the Shoalhaven with the essential services that will serve the growing needs of the area into the 21st Century and include Sustainable Construction Design Model for future cost savings using solar, water saving and medical saving capacity.
3. Aboriginal Health Unit to provide culturally appropriate services to our Aboriginal & Torres Strait Island peoples.
4. Garden and Agricultural design to allow fresh hospital food to be provided locally, providing additional employment opportunities.

Hospital petition

17 November 2020 MEDIA RELEASE NSW Budget shows there is time to consider a new Greenfield hospital for the Shoalhaven
Today’s NSW Budget has allocated just $4 million (see page 86, also attached below) in 2020/21 to planning for the redevelopment of the Shoalhaven Hospital and has indicated a redeveloped hospital would not be completed until 2028. The budget forecast opens the door for a much needed community debate about redirecting the $438 million investment towards a new Greenfield hospital for the region. Independent NSW MLC and Shoalhaven resident Justin Field has joined increasing calls in the Shoalhaven community for the redevelopment plans to be revisited saying there is clearly time to consider the added community health benefits from redirecting this investment towards a larger and more appropriately located Greenfield hospital for the Shoalhaven. 

Investment in the redevelopment of the Shoalhaven Hospital was announced by the NSW Government before the 2019 State Election with a promise for construction to start before the end of this term of Government in March 2023. 

Independent NSW MLC Justin Field said, “While I think some people will be frustrated to see that a redevelopment hospital wouldn’t be completed until 2028, the good news is that we have time to consider the long-term hospital needs for the entire Shoalhaven and consider redirecting the $438 million commitment towards a new Greenfield hospital. 

“It’s pretty clear that meaningful construction on this project won’t start by 2023. If it did, based on this year’s budget forecast of completion by 2028, the community is looking at a five to six year redevelopment window. That has huge impacts on the delivery of hospital and emergency services. 
“I think it’s time to be honest and recognise that this election promise has been pushed back and that gives us all time to rethink what is in the best interest of the community for the long term. 
“I’ve been convinced listening to local voices that there are significant issues with redevelopment on the current site, significant restrictions on future growth, enormous traffic issues for local residents and gaps in services that can be better delivered at a new site. It warrants further consideration now. 
“There is precedent here. The NSW Government originally announced a redevelopment for Shellharbour Hospital before succumbing to community pressure and commiting to a Greenfield site earlier this year. A brand new hospital for Shellharbour is due to be up and running by 2025. 
The NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard said at the time of that announcement:
"When you're building on a hospital site, it's always challenging," he said. "You need the hospital to still be working and delivering services.
"If you can build on a greenfield site it will make a huge difference to what you can build and also to make sure there's no interruptions to the existing services that we have at Shellharbour Hospital."
“The same can clearly be said for the Shoalhaven. We’re a community of 100,000 people in the Shoalhaven and growing. A Greenfield hospital offers us the best chance to protect current hospital services while building the services our entire region will need for the future,” Mr Field said.