2015 IN
AUGUST so far
From Chris Grounds dated 08/15/15, re Hest 54
From Liz Dixon, Council dated 08/14/15, re Restoration and Rehab grant to address the severe erosion within Heritage Estate.
From Bbcri dated 08/11/15, re SOUP: Saturday 19th sept, 5.00 pm. SPYCC
From Carolyn Crebbin, SCC dated 08/11/15, re Thanking Forum for 'thanking her & Megan' for the presention on Larmer proposed Wetland.
From BVF member dated 08/10/15, re delivery truck for Iced Coffee is using entrance to IGA next doctor’s surgery and not top entry – this is the second time I have seen him do this!!!
From Jessica Rippon, Council dated 08/07/15, re In Conversation.workshop we welcome Cormac Russell to the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre
From Kay Murray dated 08/07/15, re Grass at Basin Village green will be watered and fertilized.
From Pam Wells dated 08/07/15, re Request for Forum to contact Kay Murray re design faults with Village Green noticeboard.
From Chris Grounds dated 08/07/15, re HEST 53
From Narrell Brown dated 08/06/15, re Requesting Kerry/Paradise roundabout by on Forum's next agenda.
From Jessica Rippon, Council dated 08/06/15, re Shoalhaven Superheroes Volunteer ' Service & Beyond ' Volunteers Awards
From Sara McMahon, SCC dated 08/05/15, re Re; hall hire subsidy.
From Rachel Marshall dated 08/05/15, re Media opp at Basin Village Green, Monday 17th August at 10.30
From Tanya Walker, Council dated 08/05/15, re Stage 2 Housekeeping Amendment for Shoalhaven LEP 2014.
From Pam Wells dated 08/05/15, re Noticeboard lock falls out and there is no pegboard inside the structure. Grass also needs watering.
From Narrell Brown dated 08/05/15, re Roundabout Kerry/Paradise intersection: narrell has started Facebook page
From Liliana Hutchinson dated 08/04/15, re Apols for not advising BVF Skatepark opening on Sat 22nd.
From Council dated 08/04/15, re CCB newsletter
From Bbcri dated 07/31/15, re Logistics for LAW meeting 11th Aug
Notification From App dated 07/26/15, re Larmer Ave private DA (north side of Cockrow Creek)
From Pam Wells dated 07/25/15, re Update on key for SGB noticeboard.
From Rebecca Rudd dated 07/24/15, re Draft article for the About magazine.
From Sanctuary Point Pride dated 07/23/15, re Invitation to participate in 'Spring into Sanctuary Point'
From Pam Wells dated 07/22/15, re Re: SGB noticeboard. Greg Thompson wanting to know who to hand the keys to.
From Bronwyn Hewson, Council dated 07/22/15, re DAs
From Wayne Schnoor, SCC dated 07/21/15, re Proposed 2 hour parking Kerry Street.
From Wayne Clark, Ranger, SCC dated 07/21/15, re JETTIES on crown land reserve
From Chris Grounds dated 07/16/15, re Draft running sheet for Larmer August meeting.
From Pam Wells dated 07/15/15, re Adv in SCR calling for reps for the Reference Group for the Huski 'VIEW' block.
From Pam Wells dated 07/15/15, re In SCR: “Ambo station gets funding” $.2 million has been made available for new Ambulance station in B&B area. Apparently was in last budget. This is in addition to Police station monies, & is to replace Huski Amb Station.
From Chris Grounds dated 07/13/15, re Ideas for key Larmer projects.
From Kay Murray dated 07/13/15, re Council's response to Maureen's email re Basin Village Green.
From Liz Dixon, Council dated 07/07/15, re Confirming logistical plans for Larmer August meeting.
From Jenny Robertson dated 07/07/15, re Confirming she'll be attending the Larmer August onsite meeting.
From Rebecca Rudd dated 07/05/15, re Advising she'll be away for the Larmer August meeting.
From Maureen Webb dated 07/05/15, re Cc of email Maureen sent to Kay & Greg, re Basin Villages Green.
From Maureen Webb dated 07/05/15, re Proposed bus zone, Island Point Road.
From Liz Dixon, Council dated 07/03/15, re Providing list to South Coast Register larmer article.
From Maureen Webb dated 07/03/15, re Advising she & Norm will be at the Larmer August meeting
From Council dated 07/02/15, re CCB Newsletter
From Deborah Butler, BBCRI dated 07/02/15, re Wetland onsite meeting 11th August. Logistical arrangements; date, time, catering, attendees. Etc
Invoice from Hall Management dated 07/01/15, re Hall hire invoice.
From Pam Wells dated 07/01/15, re Free legal advice clinic at Sanctuary Point on 10th July for both men and women
From Ruth Woodbridge, Council dated 07/01/15, re Private Functions on Public Reserves Policy
From Brad Davis, Council dated 07/01/15, re Requesting feedback from forum on the future use of the public amenity (toilet) at Erowal Bay – Pillapai reserve.
From Bronwyn Hewson, Council dated 06/25/15, re DAs
From Rosemarie Collier dated 06/22/15, re Request for update of Forum's meeting dates/times, and committee position holders.
From Pam Wells dated 06/22/15, re Sanctuary Point library - parking.
From Chris Grounds dated 06/21/15, re Hest 52.
From Cecilia Chad dated 06/17/15, re Requesting copy of Forum's letter to Council regarding jetties on the Sanct Pt Foreshore.
From Chris Grounds dated 06/17/15, re Revised Birdlist for Larmer Wetland.
From Jessica Rippon, Council dated 06/15/15, re Advising on leave
From Pam Wells dated 06/13/15, re Apols; just out of hospital.
From Jessica Rippon, Council dated 06/03/15, re invitation to a Crowdfunding workshop that would be really interesting for you all to attend.
From Chris Grounds dated 06/01/15, re Hest 51
From Chris Grounds dated 05/25/15, re There was overwhelming support to move forward with a formal biobanking assessment for Larmer Ave. The Councillors agreed to going to the next stage of consulting with the community about what sort of infrastructure and interp options we would want to factor in.
From Brad Davis, Council dated 05/22/15, re Council has investigated the options for future use of the public amenities at Erowal Bay - Pillapai Reserve. Please provide Feedback as soon as practical after your June meeting.
From Bronwyn Hewson, Council dated 05/22/15, re DAs
From Kerry Thompson, Council dated 05/21/15, re Sea Spurge notification.
From Pam Wells dated 05/14/15, re DA for 80 bed motel on Naval College Road.
From Council dated 05/13/15, re Development Applications.
From Council dated 05/12/15, re Jim Diers Community Workshop on 1 June in Nowra.
From Jemma Tribe dated 05/11/15, re announce the arrival of my second child; Ainslie Grace Tribe into the world at 3pm on Friday May 8
From Brett Williams, Council dated 05/04/15, re Clifton/Leumeah Intersection roundabout funding.
From Jessica Rippon, Council dated 05/01/15, re Public meeting Budget and Delivery Program/Operational Plan postponed to 13th May.
From Madelaine North, Council dated 05/01/15, re Media release regarding the mechanical opening of Tabourie Lake entrance
From Madelaine North, Council dated 05/01/15, re Media release regarding the CCTV cameras in Bomaderry
From Madelaine North, Council dated 05/01/15, re Media release regarding the rescheduling of the Vincentia public meeting on Council’s key draft planning and budget documents
From Patricia White, Councillor dated 04/30/15, re Will attend June Forum meeting.
From Amanda Findley dated 04/28/15, re Has marked JUNE forum meeting as important.
From Ellan Lehdey, SCC dated 04/28/15, re letter regarding the creek names on Naval College Road
From Allan Baptist dated 04/27/15, re Advising he WILL be attending Forum's JUNE meeting.
From Pam Wells dated 04/23/15, re ? is forum happy with footpaths in Tallyan Point Road BV and Idlewild Avenue SP
From Rebecca Rudd dated 04/23/15, re Comment on footpaths.
From Kim White, Council dated 04/22/15, re letter with details of Council’s exhibition of its Draft Delivery Program & Operational Plan for 2015 – 2016.
From Chris Grounds dated 04/22/15, re Hest 49
From Tanya Walker, Council dated 04/21/15, re public exhibition period for the Shoalhaven DCP 2014 – Stage 1 Housekeeping Amendment
From Jessica Rippon, Council dated 04/21/15, re Reminder of CCB Executive Meeting is on this Thursday 23rd April from 12.30pm
From Pam Wells dated 04/15/15, re Apols, and comment on signs removed.
From James Harris, Council dated 04/14/15, re Weddings on Public Reserves, review.
From Bronwyn Hewson, Council dated 04/02/15, re Alcohol-free zones - St Georges Basin.
From Council dated 04/02/15, re CCB eNewsletter
From Michael Jarman, Council dated 03/30/15, re Confirming a speaker for 20th April, re RID
From Judee Nolan, SCC dated 03/30/15, re Joint CCB meeting, 23 April 2015 at 12.30pm
From Alan Blackshaw, Council dated 03/27/15, re Reply to Forum's query about CCTV progress in Sanc Pt.
From Bronwyn Hewson, Council dated 03/25/15, re DAs
From Chris Grounds dated 03/25/15, re Organising Larmer Ave speaker for 18th May
From Debbie Holmes, Council dated 03/24/15, re Peter Kenyon, speaking on 'Community' on Thurs 9th April.
From Chris Grounds dated 03/21/15, re Hest 48.
From Nathan Murphy dated 03/19/15, re Confirmed, receipt of letter regarding dangerous situation at Supermarket entrance in Island Point Road.
From Brad Davis, SCC dated 03/19/15, re Re, signage at Island Point Road rd toilets.
From Michael Jarman, Council dated 03/17/15, re RID program.
From Chris Grounds dated 03/17/15, re Confirming, May 18th for Liz Dixon, to speak at Forum on Larmer Avenue.
From Chris Grounds dated 03/15/15, re Draft letter to Council re Jetties on Sanctuary Point Road foreshore.
From Tanya Walker, Council dated 03/13/15, re Exhibition outcome for the Draft Landscape Plan for St Georges Basin Village Green
From Gemma Hart, BBCRI dated 03/13/15, re SOUP: Saturday 28th March, 5.00 pm. SPYCC
From Michael Park, Council dated 03/13/15, re St Georges Basin Village Green. Exhibition Outcome.
From Pam Wells dated 03/12/15, re SCC - $2000 for dumping rubbish. By-pass yesterday, on southern side - pile of builder’s rubbish; Larmer Avenue litter.
From Pam Wells dated 03/12/15, re Land clearing near turn off to Anson Street. New subdivision?
From Chris Grounds dated 03/12/15, re Request for Council to liaise with BVF re dredging/sandmining projects at Currambene and Sussex at the end of March
From Russ Pigg, SCC dated 03/12/15, re CCB Newsletter
From Ellann Lehdey, SCC dated 03/11/15, re Funding update for the sealing of Turpentine Road
From Maureen Webb dated 03/10/15, re Draft for letter re entance to Island Point Road supermarket.
From Isabelle Ghetti, SCC dated 03/10/15, re Dredging meetings.
From Graeme Gibson dated 03/09/15, re Citizen Journalism forum in Nowra on Tuesday 17 March.
From Rosemarie Collier dated 03/05/15, re Jelly bean park opening on 12th March.
From Pam Wells dated 03/05/15, re Litter-roadside of The Wool Road bypass. Out-of-date signs on power poles. Request to Council to take action.
From Chris Grounds dated 03/05/15, re Jetties on the S.Pt.Road Crown land Reserve. Agenda
From Maureen Webb dated 03/05/15, re Report from Maureen on presentation to Council. Village Green. Agenda
From Chris Grounds dated 03/04/15, re Comments on Council's email about toilets at Pillapai Ring reserve, Erowal Bay.
From Bronwyn Hewson, Council dated 03/04/15, re DAs
From Pam Wells dated 03/03/15, re Mental Health in March.
From Ellann Lehdey, SCC dated 03/03/15, re Public amenity at Pillapai Ring Reserve.
From Chris Grounds dated 03/02/15, re Hest 48.
From Rebecca Rudd dated 03/02/15, re Comment on proposed toilets in SGB Village Green.
From Brad Davis, SCC dated 03/02/15, re Future use of Pillapai Ring Toilets
From Jessica volkanovski dated 02/27/15, re SGB Village Green - Advice of Development committee meeting Tues 3rd March.
From Pam Wells dated 02/25/15, re Lady Denman Museum lwill be known as Jervis Bay maritime Museum and Gallery
From Pam Wells dated 02/25/15, re Shoalhaven Police community meeting – 6-8 p.m. Monday, March 16 Country Club
From Chris Grounds dated 02/25/15, re Report on jetties along foreshore reserve. Agenda
From Jessica Rippon, Council dated 02/23/15, re Grants of up to $25,000 available for Shade Projects. - Cancer Institute NSW.
From Robin Sharpe dated 02/19/15, re Poster for Seniors Week. This was put up on Forum's website.
From Debbie Holmes, Council dated 02/19/15, re changes to the Community Grants Scheme
From Alan Blackshaw, Council dated 02/19/15, re 2015 Shoalhaven City Council Community Grants Scheme
From Chris Grounds dated 02/18/15, re Mayor J Gash and Greg Tedder, Nowra Area Manager NPWS; particular concerns - Heritage Estate.
From Joe Mura, Community Safety Officer, SCC dated 02/18/15, re Safer Community Action Team (SCAT)
From Pam Wells dated 02/11/15, re “Re-establishment of Alcohol Free Zones – Nowra CBD, Ulladulla, Sanctuary point, Callala Beach, Basin View and Sussex Inlet – but nothing for St. Georges Basin – any idea why – thought IPR and shopping precincts were alcohol free. Could you put to meeting and/or Council?
From Dana Alderson, Council dated 02/10/15, re Sh LEP - Caravan Park Sites rezoning to SP3 Tourist Zone.
From Eric Hollinger, Council dated 02/09/15, re Sh LEP 2014 Housekeeping Amendment Stage 1.
From Tanya Walker, Council dated 02/06/15, re correspondence relating to the public exhibition of Stage 1 Housekeeping Amendment to the Shoalhaven Local Environmental Plan 2014.
From Gemma Hart, BBCRI dated 02/03/15, re ADULT MENTORS - refer fliers.
From Russ Pigg, SCC dated 02/03/15, re CCB Newsletter
From Russ Pigg, SCC dated 01/30/15, re broad local government issues our Local Govt Association is pursuing with the major parties in the lead up to the State election
From Chris Grounds dated 01/27/15, re Bird list, for Larmer Avenue, from 'Birdlife Shoalhaven'.
From Michael Park, Council dated 01/22/15, re St Georges Basin Village Green update.
From Chris Grounds dated 01/07/15, re Hest 45

2015 OUT
To Council, dated 03/09/15, re Funding of sealing of Turpentine Road.
To Council, dated 03/10/15, re Alcohol-free zones.
To Brad Davis, Council, dated 03/10/15, re Change to unisex toilets; would be better spent if allocated to restoration of the Pillapai Ring toilets in Erowal Bay.
To Council, dated 03/11/15, re Minutes of last general meeting.
To Council, dated 03/12/15, re RID program.
To Council, dated 03/13/15, re Supermarket Entrance, Island Point Road. Dangerous, small cars & heavy trucks.
To Forum member, dated 03/13/15, re Village green update from Council, attached.
To Council, dated 03/31/15, re Jetties on the S.Pt.Road Crown land Reserve.
To Michael Jarman, Council, dated 05/10/15, re Thanks for RID speaker, Phil McNeice.
To Brad Davis, SCC, dated 07/31/15, re Future Use of Public Amenity (Toilet) – Pillapai Ring Reserve.
To Liliana Hutchinson, dated 08/04/15, re Skate Park Opening, Francis Ryan Reserve. Forum was not advised!
To Liz Dixon, Council, dated 08/04/15, re Thanks to her & Megan & Kelly for their presentation at June meeting.
To Council, dated 08/05/15, re Misleading sign at T-junction of Tasman Road & Island Point road; not corrected yet.
To Council, dated 08/14/15, re Path links between SPt shopping centre & SGB shopping centre.
To Council, dated 08/14/15, re Requesting hall hire subsidy.
To Hall Management, dated 08/14/15, re Cheque for hall hire.

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